It all started with plants. When I was kid, I would help out in my mother’s garden, and in the summer the kitchen would be filled with hanging basil and other drying herbs. It smelled so good.

My education in plants has lead me from rooftop gardens in Brooklyn NY, to organizing a permaculture project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m endlessly curious about cultivation and how plants effect our lives.

My love of plants and delicious food led me to hosting pop-up dinner parties with a partner in Portland, Oregon. We served 5 course meals, complete with seasonal cocktails at a secret location that was revealed the night before. This is where I really started to focus on bitters. I thought, “This is my moment! I can make something new that inspires health and celebration, and it all begins with amazing plants.”

In 2014, my journey began.. By researching traditional medicine, working with a chemist, and trying countless herb combinations, Messina Bitters was launched in May 2015. Every step of the way we are committed to making Messina Bitters the most healthy, sustainable product possible. From our all organic ingredients, to our local reclaimed wood displays, environmental business practices are our top priority.

Looking forward, we’re excited to partner with local chefs, farmers and cocktail enthusiasts to create seasonal recipes. There are a myriad of exciting things ahead for us and for the community in general. We’re proud to be part of a movement that’s rooted in wellness, both body and mind.

Cheers to you and yours.
To your health!
— Camille Messina, Founder of Messina Bitters